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Kris breaking the punching bag’s record!

oh… he didn’t cover the tattoo on his right arm with a band-aid that time

you know, kris may be the world’s biggest dweeb but I think underneath it all he’s got enough strength to be hella fuckin scary

he is literally enormous

but a gentle giant who only uses his strength for hugging and playing arcade games, what a nice canadian boy

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..and now let’s meet our contestants for Mr. World:

Mr. Wu: Galaxy is his style. He enjoys playing basketball and drooling over main dancers.

Mr. Zhang: Hopes for world peace. His hobbies are playing the guitar, composing. and staring into the distance.

Mr.Luhan: Hopes to meet mr. Beckham after the show.. In his free time he enjoys football and other ball related activities.

Mr. Kim M.: A man’s man. Best known for his fearlessness and lifelike impersonations of a steamed bun.

Mr. Kim J.: His heavenly voice makes the ladies swoon. Is rumoured to be dating a chaebol from Korea.

Mr. Huang: Loves to stroll along the beach alone. Hobbies include camping in front of Gucci headquarters and wushu.

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make me choose
↳ anonymous asked you: gyudong or 2woo
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1/? throwback to: beanie baek in growl mv

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Kai’s fail faking strategy

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